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The Bad:
You don't have it all together
The Good:
Nobody does
We want "that" life. The financial security, healthy fit body and mind, dope friends, a firm plan for the future, and confidence to carry it all out. 
“My Goals, My Thoughts, My Journal” gives you the staging to plan the most excellent version of ourselves every day. 
“My Goals, My Thoughts, My Journal” was birthed out of the creative minds of Halani Lobdell and Chris Marvel. We don't have it all together, but we have learned how to do the hard things. “My Goals, My Thoughts, My Journal”  is our way of sharing our wins and lessons (not losses.) We want to help you integrate those lessons into your own life. We want to give you the tools to step into the best version of yourself. 
The most remarkable person in the world is you. Using this journal, you will scale your life holistically through consistency and taking action. Using these prompts with their various clients worldwide, Chris and Halani are sharing with you the secret to their individual winning success. 
Using this journal, you will write in the following prompts:
- Acknowledge the beauty in your life to feel more positive emotion, endure adversity, and experience a happier life.
- When the day is over what did we accomplish?
This space helps guide our effort, time, and energy so wasted moments don't become a wasted life.
- Self-care is how we give back to ourselves for a day well accomplished. Workout, alone time, take a cold shower, practice positive self-talk, meditate, listen to an audiobook, take a hot bath or watch television. Just a few ideas for your replenishing time.
-Success is holistic. Health is not just Kale salads and smoothies that cost $15.97. It also includes how we think of our relationships, our fitness, mental health, spiritual state, and the wellness of our physical space. When you commit to making healthy choices, you give value to the present and the future at the same time.
I will do today are...
-You have a target to aim at. You are making better choices. What obstacles must you overcome to ensure they all take place?
What phone call or email must you make to get the result? What food must you avoid for the 6th day in a row to meet the goal of your healthy choice? Are you going to the appointment with your doctor to make sure things have improved? This is where the difference is made because most people struggle with challenging themselves. This is your written commitment to follow through.
- Using the Brain Drain in this journal, you can flush it all out of your mind onto these pages. Doodle, draw, write, highlight, but create a space of peace in your mind using this area. The feeling of anxiety is an overwhelming fear of things being out of control. We contemplate the five things we must do for the children, the meeting we need to schedule, or the long-overdue conversation with our partner. Use this valuable space day in and day out to release the wild web of our thoughts.
-Vent, be vulnerable, and voyage through your thoughts without judgment in between these lines. 
Every line represents more freedom and the representation of the true-life we live. This space works best when we tap into the parts of us no one gets to see. Because we can acknowledge without criticism our fears, failures, wins, and moments of overcoming in total freedom.