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Bawse University is a 12 week course that teaches aspiring and existing entrepreneurs how to build the foundation to their business.

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It's Time To Stop Working For A Boss & Become Your Own Bawse!

Meet Halani

To cut a long story short: I went from working 24-hour days as a Fire Chief and putting out fires to selling my athleisure wear and making over 1 million dollars online in under 12 months. 

...During a global pandemic. I swapped out my uniform, my "stable job" and my pension for a Chief Executive Officer hat that’s allowed me to:

  • Travel the world without having to ask for time off
  • ​Experience a different side of life
  • ​Be more present for my family
  • ​Build something I’m passionate about
  • ​Quit trading my time and health for dollars
  • ​Build wealth that I can pass on for generations to come

In other words: I've stepped into the driver's seat of my life.

Now, I call the shots. I decide what each day brings. I decide how much money I earn. And I've documented every step that I’ve taken to build my business to over 7 figures in the past year, so that you can "Copy & Paste" these exact strategies into your own business.


This 3 month program will include 9 coaching calls. Every call will break down each piece of the foundation. Guest instructors that are notable in each area and are brought in to instruct on each topic.


  • Mindset Coaching - Accountability & what it takes to be an entrepreneur
  • Foundation - LLC setup, email, domain, platform, trademark, taxes, bookkeeping, banking, credit, auditing
  • Content - Branding, strategy, consistency, logo
  • Marketing - Social media, acquiring leads, sales strategies
  • Systems - Processes, procedures, delegation and policies



Payment options available




Payment options available

My Goals, My Thoughts, My Journal

We want "that" life. The financial security, healthy fit body and mind, dope friends, a firm plan for the future, and confidence to carry it all out. "My Goals, My Thoughts, My Journal" gives you the staging to plan the most excellent version of ourselves every day. 

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